Booking Up My Ideas

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Booking Up My Ideas

Liverpool Postgraduate Journal of Irish Studies

By Michael Robinson

On Thursday 30 July 2015, I delivered a public lecture at the National Library of Ireland. Having been set up by Dr Niall Carson, outreach officer for the University of Liverpool’s Institute of Irish Studies, and Katherine McSharry, his outreach counterpart at the National Library of Ireland, the public lecture accompanied the National Library’s ‘World War One Ireland: Exploring the Irish Experience’ exhibit. The lecture was entitled ‘Nobody’s Children: The Treatment of Shell-Shocked Great War veterans in the Irish Free State’, and it broached the subject of the post-war experiences of mentally damaged Irish Great War veterans after the cessation of the Irish Civil War. Michael NLI

The lecture’s central thesis argued that these unfortunate Irish Great War veterans faced a more ill-fated homecoming than their former comrades in Northern Ireland and Britain. Whilst the post-war experience of all shell-shocked veterans was far from ideal, the lack of medical…

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Confessions Of a Poverty-Class Academic-In-Training

Conditionally Accepted

Grace Cale photoGrace Cale is a PhD student in sociology.  Having gained her undergraduate degree from a college that specifically accepts marginalized and impoverished students, she is a passionate ally to many causes of social justice. Her research interests focus on political participation, social movements, neoliberalism, markets, and financialization. In the first part of this two-part essay, Grace reflects on the invisibility of scholars from working-class and  poor families, and the struggles these scholars face in academia; to rectify this, she calls for community-building among working-class scholars in academia.

Confessions Of A Poverty-Class Academic-In-Training

When I set out to write this essay, I had little concrete idea of what I sought to achieve. I knew that there was something unique about becoming an academic from a situation of clear poverty, and that I needed to make a case for this experience as existing along a real line of marginalization. Or at least…

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Free speech in the age of identity politics

Source: Free speech in the age of identity politics

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The Shankill versus Franco: Working-class Protestants’ fight against Spanish fascism

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A Four Nations approach to the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland

Four Nations History Network

A Four Nations approach to the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland

Jacob Murphy argues how his research into the Troops Out Movement, a grass-roots, extra-parliamentary organisation, could pave the way for a genuine ‘British’ history of the conflict in Northern Ireland, through the four nations approach.

The historiography of the ‘Troubles’ in Northern Ireland (1968-1998) has been dominated by a nation-centred and high politics approach. Most historians have given extensive attention to government legislation during the peace process (1994-1998) and, as a result, have given the impression that, after the collapse of the civil rights movement in 1972, the attempt to be involved in or to solve the conflict was the exclusive domain of governments and political parties. Consequently, this high politics approach has undermined any historiographical and methodological shift towards a transnational or four nations approach to the ‘Troubles’.

The movement away from a high politics approach to a social…

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PHM Top 20 Tweets of 2014

Nice to be mentioned in top 20 tweets!


A guest post from PHM Marketing & Development Officer, Daisy Nicholson

As you may know we have a thriving PHM twitter account with over 13,000 followers!  We really enjoy tweeting about all the exciting goings on at the museum, and we love to hear what our followers and other tweeters have to say about PHM.  Hope you enjoy the top 20 tweets of 2014!

Why not join the conversation and follow us @PHMMcr.  You can also hear about all the latest updates from the museum shop by following @PHMShop.

Glad to hear our exhibition The People’s Business – 150 Years of The Co-operative was well received

1.  28/01/2014:@GailDavidge: Brilliant day at @PHMMcr really impressed with 150 yrs co-op exhib. Superb resources for all schools loved the living history performance!

Very well said

2.  08/02/2014:@commentator01: Hugely impressed by @PHMMcr. A must-visit for anyone interested in…

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